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  • An Interview With Claudia Zylberberg

    Akron will be exhibiting at the Innate Killer Summit, San Diego – March 2018. We caught up with Claudia Zylberberg and the team at Akron to discuss some key issues and questions arising in the NK therapy space

    Find out more about Akron here

  • Novel strategies to activate Adaptive NK cells and Make them antigen specific

    Jeffrey S. Miller, M.D.

    University of Minnesota
    Deputy Director, Masonic Cancer Center

    Director, NK Cell Program

    Minneapolis, MN

  • An Interview with Katy Rezvani

    We recently caught up with Katy Razvani, Chief, Section of Cellular Therapy at the Department of Stem Cell transplantation and Cellular Therapy to get an insight into her research ahead of the summit in March. Download the full interview.

  • Speaker Snapshots

    Enjoy the following insights into some of the presentations featuring  at this year’s summit.  See what some Robin Parihar, Karl-Johan Malmberg & Bob Valamehr  are presenting on in San Diego.

  • Why is 2018 the year for the Innate Killer Summit?

    2017 has been a great year for immunotherapy given the approval of CAR-T as a cancer therapeutic. Successes in 2018 looks to continue, so it is important to gain a focused look on NK cells given they have the greatest potential for a robust, allogeneic development approach which overcomes common safety concerns – experienced by CAR-T and all other cell therapies…download to continue reading

  • Innate Killer Survey Results 2017

    Download to see the full report from this year’s survey

  • Post Event Report 2016

    Download to see the full report of the event

  • Innate Killer Survey Results 2016

    Download to see the full report of the survey results

  • Past Presentations Pack

    Enjoy the following presentations:

    -Memory-Like NK Cells Demonstrate Enhanced Anti-Leukemia Activity in a Xenograft Mouse Model and in Patients with Relapse/Refractory AML

    By Rizwan Romee, Assistant Professor, Division of Oncology, Washington University

    -oNKord® – The First Allogeneic, “Off-the-Shelf” NK Cell Product in Oncology

    By Jan Spanholtz, CSO, Glycostem

    -CMV-induced Adaptive NK Cells and IL-15 Tri-Specific Killer Engagers (TriKEs) Mediate Enhanced CD16 Signaling for Targeted Cancer Therapy

    By Jeffrey Miller, Professor of Medicine, University of Minnesota