San Diego, CA


Sponsorship Opportunities

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    The Innate Killer Summit will bring together key decision makers from leading biopharmaceutical companies working in cellular immunotherapy. With advances in genetic engineering and an understanding of the benefits of combination therapies, the NK cell therapy space is set to rapidly move forward.

    These companies are actively seeking partners with trusted, reliable and scientifically robust solutions that supports their efforts. Whilst there is an open-mindedness to new options that are faster and more advanced, drug developers often don’t see a strong enough value proposition to prioritize individual providers.

    The Innate Killer Summit will allow sponsors to gain a deeper understanding of the most pressing concerns held by the market, and this is your chance to showcase your expertise in:

    – Cell Culture and Processing Solutions – demonstrate innovations for isolation and enrichment

    – Apheresis Technologies – showcase faster and more advanced solutions

    – Genetic Engineering – accelerate therapies with increased efficacy

    – Supply Chain Support – overcome logistical challenges of living therapeutics

    – Manufacturing – outline strategies for commercial viability

    Partnering with us will ensure your chance to capitalize on the market share early, cement your position as an industry leader and support the rate of growth in the NK field.