Expertise Partner

Data-driven and highly-targeted immunotherapies are the future ofthe fight against cancer. IsoPlexis, develops novel solutions that are accelerating the revolution in immune and cell-based treatments of cancer. The Isolight, a next-generation analytics platform, profiles responses at the single-cell level enabling researchers to generate a precise functional patient signature to help predict and understand complex response to cancer immunotherapies.

Cellular Technology Limited 

Innovation Partner

CTL specializes in cellular immune monitoring, and was the first entity to validate ELISPOT assays for clinical trials, also patenting the first automated ELISPOT analyzer. CTL’s NK-TVA platform is an extension of our immune monitoring efforts, and provides an image cytometry platform for measuring NK cell cytolytic activity, as well as ADCC, and CD8 T cell cytotoxicity. NK-TVA is a highthroughput, non-radioactive alternative to traditional 51Crrelease assays, using direct, fluorescence-based cell imaging.

Irvine Scientific

Innovation Partner

Irvine Scientific, a member of JXTG Group, is a worldwide leader in the innovation and manufacture of cell culture media, reagents, and medical devices for researchers and clinicians.  The company provides unrivalled service and quality to scientists working in cell therapy and regenerative medicine, assisted reproductive technology and cytogenetics, and industrial cell culture for the large-scale production of biotherapeutics and vaccines. Irvine Scientific adheres to both ISO and FDA regulations and operates dual cGMP manufacturing facilities in California, USA and Tokyo, Japan. The company’s consultative philosophy combined with expertise in cell culture and compliance provides customers with unique capabilities and support.

Akron Biotech


Since our start in 2006, research and development efforts at Akron Biotech have led to discoveries that have fuelled the development of some of the most innovative products to support cell and gene therapy research, clinical development and commercialization. Now, Akron operates from a 14,000 sf facility in Boca Raton as a leader in innovation and cGMP manufacturing.

Miltenyi Biotec


Miltenyi Biotec’s mission is to improve scientific understanding and medical progress. By developing innovative products that address the processes that are necessary for the study of immuno-oncology we help researchers advance science in these key areas as well as help clinicians to make the concept of cellular therapy a reality.

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