Dan Kaufman

Dan Kaufman

Company: University of California

Job title: Professor


Dr. Kaufman is a Professor in Department of Medicine, Division of Regenerative Medicine and Director of the Cell Therapy program at the University of California- San Diego. His research focuses on use of human pluripotent stem cells to study development of hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells and lymphocytes. In particular, his studies have developed efficient means to produce natural killer cells from human ES cells and iPSCs suitable for new clinical applications to treat relapsed/refractory cancers- both hematologic malignancies and solid tumors. Current studies aim to translate use of these cells into clinical therapies and to engineer these NK cells with novel receptors to improve killing of cancer cells. Dr. Kaufman also does clinical work in hematology/BMT and directs the Advanced Cell Therapy Laboratory, a GMP cell production facility at UCSD.


Gene Editing to Enhance Function of iPSC-derived NK Cells 5:25 pm

Outline improved NK cell function via deletion of ADAM17 Combined CIS-deletion with other gene edits to improve NK cell activity Reveal novel targets that regulate NK cell-mediated activityRead more

day: Day One

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