John Veluchamy

John Veluchamy

Company: Glycostem

Job title: Senior Scientist, Development


John Veluchamy, currently working as a senior scientist at Glycostem Therapeutics in cellular therapy process / product development towards generating an off the shelf – allogeneic un-modified and CAR-NK cells manufacturing for therapeutic use. John has 8 years experience working with various types of NK cells
Prior to this, John was working on a project funded by Marie Curie FP7 NATURIMMUN network aimed at developing anti-cancer immunotherapy using allogeneic cord blood-derived NK cells towards treatment in metastatic colorectal and cervical cancers (collaborative project between Glycostem and VU University Cancer Center Amsterdam)
Before moving to the Netherlands, John worked as a research assistant in Phase I/II clinical trial conducted by ROCHE Pharmaceuticals, aimed at developing Abs to enhance NK cell ADCC. In addition to that, working in Rayne Cell Therapy Suite at King’s College London, further enriched his knowledge and techniques in GMP manufacturing of ATMPs.


An Off-the-Shelf, GMP Compliant, Fully Closed & Semi-Automated Large-Scale Production System for Allogeneic NK Cells 10:30 am

With the highly unmet need to treat large cohort of patients and with multiple doses, a true off the shelf approach is the only way Glycostem began to envision this, by setting up a world’s first completely closed manufacturing platform for allogeneic NK cells (oNKord®) from fresh umbilical cord blood stem cells Optimised freezing and…Read more

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