Luis Borges

Luis Borges

Company: Century Therapeutics

Job title: CSO


Luis Borges is Chief Scientific Officer at Century Therapeutics where he leads the research and development of genetically engineered iPSCs-derived immune cell products to treat hematologic and solid tumor malignancies. Century Therapeutics is committed to developing off-the-shelf cell products that will provide an unparalleled opportunity to advance the course of cancer treatment and expand patient access to innovative cell therapies. Before joining Century, Luis was CSO at Cell Medica where he was responsible for developing a pipeline of novel CAR-cell therapies and for managing a collaboration with the Baylor College of Medicine to develop allogeneic CAR-NKT cells. Prior to joining Cell Medica, Luis served as SVP of Research at Five Prime Therapeutics, where he oversaw the transition of the company into cancer immunotherapy. In three years at Five Prime, he led the development of three novel drug candidates from discovery into IND-enabling studies with two of them reaching the clinic. Before joining Five Prime, Luis worked at positions of increased responsibility at Immunex and Amgen where he led numerous drug development teams. He received his PhD from the University of Washington, Seattle in 1995.


Century Therapeutics iPSC-derived Allogeneic Cell Therapies for Cancer 2:10 pm

Century iPSC-derived iNK cell platform; harnessing the power of induced pluripotent stem cells to develop novel allogeneic NK cell therapies for cancer iPSC precise engineering to enable the design of allogeneic NK cells that can persist and safely and effectively mediate anti-tumor immunity CAR design strategies that address disease-specific challenges Making highly pure clinical candidate…Read more

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