Michael O’Dwyer

Michael O’Dwyer

Company: NUI Galway

Job title: Professor


I am an Irish Clinician Scientist with a special interest in clinical and translational research in blood cancers, in particular multiple myeloma and am a member of the IMWG. My research interests include the role of glycosylation in the pathogenesis of multiple myeloma, immuno-oncology and drug development. Areas of current research in my lab include (1) understanding the interactions between selectins and their ligands in disease progression and resistance and development of novel therapeutic approaches to overcome these (2) role of small molecule inhibitors as therapeutic strategies (3) reversing immune tolerance/suppression in the tumor microenvironment (4) exploring novel approaches to NK cell therapy. There is a strong translational focus to my research which feeds into phase I clinical trials conducted through the HRB Clinical Research Facility at NUI Galway and the Blood Cancer Network, Ireland. In addition to early phase studies I am actively involved in phase II and III industry sponsored studies. I am currently funded by Science Foundation Ireland, the Irish Cancer Society and the Health Research Board and have several active industry collaborations. 


The Sweet Side of Immune Evasion 1:30 pm

Assessing how aberrant glycosylation is a recognised hallmark of cancer with increased cell surface expression of sialic acid (hypersialylation) and seeing aberrant glycosylation as a common feature Associating hypersialylation with increased risk of disease progression and poor survival in numerous cancers, including Multiple Myeloma. In addition to influencing homing, cell trafficking and drug resistance, hypersialylation…Read more

day: Workshop

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