Nick Huntington

Nick Huntington

Company: oNKo-Innate Pty Ltd

Job title: CSO


Prof. Huntington is the head of the Cancer Immunotherapy Laboratory in the Biomedicine Discovery Institute at Monash University, Australia. He is an international leader on natural killer (NK) cell biology with notably contributions to: regulatory mechanisms of IL-15 signalling in NK cells, identification of human and murine NK cell differentiation pathways, novel xenograft models to study human NK cell biology and identification of multiple checkpoint in NK cell activation and tumour immunity. Prof. Huntington leads a research program aimed at deciphering the regulatory networks that control NK cell development and homeostasis and a drug discovery program using cutting-edge in vivo screens for novel checkpoints in NK cell activation for targeting in cancer immunotherapy. Prof. Huntington is President of MIN (Melbourne Immunotherapy Network), serves as project director for several pharmaceutical industry collaborative programs and is a co-founder and chief scientific officer of oNKo-Innate Pty Ltd.


NK Cell Activation in the Tumor Microenvironment 3:00 pm

• Overview of the NK cell – cancer immunity cycle • Highlight emerging strategies to therapeutically modulate NK cell activity in cancer • Drugging cancer cells to convert ‘cold’ tumours into ‘hot’ tumoursRead more

day: Workshop

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