Stacey Cranert

Stacey Cranert

Company: Poseida Therapeutics

Job title: Associate Director, Research, Immuno-Oncology


Dr. Stacey Cranert, Associate Director of Research in ImmunoOncology at Poseida Therapeutics, received her Ph. D in Cancer and Cell Biology from the University of Cincinnati Medical School in Cancer and Cell Biology with a focus on telomere maintenance and DNA-protein interactions at sites of chromosome processing and translocation.


Dr. Cranert completed post-doctoral training in Natural Killer (NK) cell immunology in the lab of Dr. Stephen Waggoner at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, during which she received a grant from CancerFree Kids, as well as the Arnold W. Strauss post-doctoral fellowship to develop NK cell-based immune therapies for oncology. Dr. Cranert was also a Public Policy Fellow for the American Association for Immunologists in 2016. Her work at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital focused on improving NK cell-based cell therapies via several mechanisms including by modification of SLAM receptor signaling for targeting various hematological cancers as well as improving NK cell trafficking for solid tumors by modulation chemokine signaling.


Dr. Cranert’s work at Poseida has focused on allogeneic cell therapies utilizing both T cells and NK cells. Her group, the CAR Pharmacology team, focuses on developing and driving several of our allogeneic CAR-T cell programs to the clinic as well as development of our CAR-NK cell platform.

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