March 28-29 2018

San Diego, CA


About Summit

The Innate Killer Summit is the dedicated end to end meeting serving as the catalyst to ensure successful clinical and commercial translation of NK cell immunotherapies to market

By harnessing the unique power of the innate immune system, seize the enhanced development opportunity of natural killer cell immunotherapies by capitalizing on a more robust allogeneic development approach that overcomes common safety concerns experienced by other cell therapies.

The Innate Killer Summit 2018 will help you discover how to demonstrate clinical utility with improved risk/benefit ratios and define future cost of goods and scalable manufacturing strategies to deliver commercially viable off-the-shelf natural killer therapies.

As the cell immunotherapy field continues to explode beyond the well-hyped CAR-Ts, the Innate Killer Summit 2018 gathers the leading scientific and business leaders from pharma and biotech to deliver the next generation of improved cell immunotherapies.

In addition to accessing cutting-edge novel innovations and the latest clinical progress leave the Innate Killer Summit fully equipped to progress your NK cell therapy pipeline with a forward-looking plan for global manufacture.

Learn from case studies on:

  • Increasing Toxicity – using genetic engineering and pharmacological modulation
  • Improving Cell Supply – overcome cell persistence and expansion challenges
  • Understanding Innate and Adaptive Interplay – various mechanisms for enhanced anti-tumor activity
  • Successful Clinical Translation – successful translation of early preclinical work into the clinic
  • Effective Scale Up Strategies – bring down the cost of goods to create commercially viable cell therapies

Hear What Past Attendees Have To Say:

“The meeting was excellent. Fantastic presentations on the basic science as well as clinical experience.”


“Intimate setting where scientists and clinicians can have focused discussions around NK cell biology and clinical translation.”

– Fate Therapeutics