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March 24-26, 2020
San Diego, CA

Improving Patient Care by Advancing Innate Understanding & Enhancing Innate Cell Therapies

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200+ experts are joining us this March in San Diego to hear the latest developments in innate cell therapy development. Become part of the Innate Killer Community to discover how to target solid tumor indications with off-the-shelf innate cell therapies!

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What Will You Learn in 3 Days?

•    Advance your understanding of the fundamental biology of NK cells through discovering mechanisms of cytotoxicity and cell education in order to you design better NK cell therapies

•    Discover renewable engineered master cell lines to develop off-the-shelf innate cell therapies

•    Hear engineering approaches to counter inhibitory mechanisms in the tumor microenvironment whilst discovering IO combinations for more effective treatment of solid tumors

Discover how Innate Killer can help you overcome your research challenges by downloading the full event guide!