Partnership Opportunities

Actively looking to connect with pharma and biotech companies developing off-the-shelf cell therapies?

The 7th Innate Killer Summit is the only dedicated meeting bringing together world-leading pharma and biotech looking to advance the development of safe, effective, and commercially viable innate cell therapies to market. Because of the potential for a truly off-the-shelf approach, drug developers recognize the huge opportunity in this space. However, there are still many challenges to overcome including:

  • Assay development to effectively understand the persistence and potency of NK cell therapies
  • Imaging capabilities to track and trace innate cells in vivo
  • Donor cell banking and optimal cryopreservation solutions
  • Large scale expansion whilst maintaining potency
  • Clinical trial logistical support and trial management

...And much more! If you have end-to-end solutions for the Innate immune expert, please reach out so we can discuss how to drive your brand at the definitive meeting for this community.

Partnering with the 7th Innate Killer Summit will establish you as a go-to partner in this industry by ensuring you capitalize on the market share early, cement your position as an industry leader, and support the growth in next-generation immunotherapies.