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IsoPlexis is dedicated to accelerating the fight against cancer and a range of the world’s toughest diseases with our uniquely correlative, award-winning single-cell detection systems. By revealing unique immune biomarkers in small subsets of cells, we are advancing immunotherapies and targeted therapies to a more highly precise & personalized stage. Our integrated systems are used globally to advance the field of single-cell biology and biomarkers as we generate solutions to overcome the challenges of complex diseases


Miltenyi Biotec

Expertise Partner

Miltenyi Biotec’s mission is to improve scientific understanding and medical progress. By developing innovative products that address the processes that are necessary for the study of immuno-oncology we help researchers advance science in these key areas as well as help clinicians to make the concept of cellular therapy a reality.


Beckman Coulter 

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Since 1935, the Beckman name has been synonymous with technologies that simplify and automate lab research and complex biomedical testing. Decades later, our global organization also came to embody the scientific legacy of the Coulter name. Today, Beckman Coulter Life Sciences is a trusted, worldwide resource for tools to help optimize research and manufacturing efficiency. Centrifuges. Particle counters/analyzers. Automated liquid handlers. Flow cytometers. All these products—and many more—continue to make a difference in people’s lives by improving the productivity of dedicated scientists, quality control experts and others.

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Hebe Cell

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HebeCell’s first-in-class proprietary 3D manufacture platform for human iPS-NK cells is feeder-free, designed for single-use-bioreactor at industrial scale. By eliminating exhaustive feeder-dependent expansion, our platform offers a truly viable unlimited source of immune cells with improved potency and simplified manufacture process. Our goal is to unlock the true power of NK cells in fighting cancer, autoimmune and infectious diseases.


The Jackson Laboratory

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The Jackson Laboratory is a leading provider of cancer mouse models and in vivo oncology services and a National Cancer Institute designated Cancer Center. Drawing on decades of research experience we provide capabilities around model selection, husbandry and customizable oncology studies to help clients and researchers evaluate novel anti-cancer therapies. Our diverse oncology study protocols range from traditional xenograft services to PDX cancer models and advanced humanized mouse models for immuno-oncology drug development.


Bio-Techne Corporation

Innovation Partner

Bio-Techne is a global life science company providing innovative products and resources for the research and clinical diagnostic communities. Our expertise across three operating divisions spans laboratory research, preclinical and clinical studies, and reagents for manufacturing therapeutic and diagnostic tests, making us uniquely suited to serve the immune cell therapy research community. We develop and manufacture NK cell isolation and expansion kits, specialized NK cell culture media, and high-quality proteins, and we have established ourselves as the world leader in immunoassays.

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Beacon Targeted Therapies

Innovation Partner

Beacon Targeted Therapies, a competitive and research intelligence database solution designed in partnership with pharmaceutical professionals across the world working in targeted therapies to provide accurate, in-depth and real-time information in the rapidly evolving landscape of drug development.

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Fresenius Kabi

Innovation Partner

Fresenius Kabi is a leading global health company that focuses on pharmaceuticals and medical devices used to care for critically and chronically ill patients. We bring over 60 years of experience advancing the fields of cell collection and separation with expertise in closed-system processing. Our Lovo Cell Processing System is the only cell processing system that washes and concentrates white blood cells using filtration technology, specifically to serve the needs of the cellular therapies community.

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FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific

Innovation Partner

FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific has been at the forefront of cell culture media development for more than 45-years. Possessing an unrivaled heritage of innovation, superior quality, and technical expertise, the company supplies the cell therapy, immunotherapy, and biopharmaceutical industries with advanced cell culture media products and expert development, optimization, and commercial manufacturing services.

Through the PRIME®-XV media platform, and a range of complementary products designed to work seamlessly alongside it, Irvine Scientific delivers specialized and custom cell culture media solutions to support basic, translational, and clinical research, as well as commercial applications, using both stem cells and primary cells.


Akron Biotech


Since our start in 2006, research and development efforts at Akron Biotech have led to discoveries that have fuelled the development of some of the most innovative products to support cell and gene therapy research, clinical development and commercialization. Now, Akron operates from a 14,000 sf facility in Boca Raton as a leader in innovation and cGMP manufacturing.

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Aseptic Technologies 


Aseptic Technologies develops, manufactures and markets equipment that guarantee optimal sterility assurance level and complies with latest regulatory requirements, while simplifying the validation and operation processes in the safest way.Aseptic Technologies improves the quality of aseptic operations by providing user-oriented and really innovative state-of-the-art equipment and services to the pharmaceutical industry.




CellGenix is a leading global supplier of high quality raw materials for the expanding cell and gene therapy space. We develop, manufacture and market human cytokines and growth factors in preclinical and GMP quality along with GMP serum-free media for further manufacturing of ATMPs. We offer our products in combination with expert regulatory and technical support to ensure a seamless transition from research to commercialization.




PeproTech creates the building blocks of your life science research by manufacturing high-quality products that advance scientific discovery and human health. Since 1988, PeproTech has grown into a global enterprise manufacturing an extensive line of Recombinant Human, Murine and Rat Cytokines, Animal-Free Recombinant Cytokines, Monoclonal Antibodies, Affinity Purified Polyclonal Antibodies, Affinity Purified Biotinylated Polyclonal Antibodies, ELISA Development Kits, Cell Culture Media Products and GMP Cytokines.



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For over 25 years, Lonza has been helping emerging biotech and pharmaceutical companies improve and advance their products. Whether you are in the early stages of clinical development or providing commercial product to patients around the globe, Lonza supplies complete development services, industry-leading manufacturing, and broad technology platforms that enable products to reach their full potential.



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Ovizio’s microscopes offer an automated, label-free tool designed for viable cell counting. Based on patented ‘Differential Digital Holography’ technology, advanced algorithms extract meaningful quantitative data about complex cellular dynamics. Validated with almost every type of transparent cell culture vessel, Ovizio’s devices can track cell density, cell morphology as well as cell viability with the highest reproducibility at a single cell level.