About the Innate Killer Summit

Improving Patient Care by Advancing Innate Understanding &
Enhancing Innate Cell Therapies

2020 – The Year of NK Cell Therapy

2020 was an unprecedented year… Whilst this phrase has been echoed tirelessly in response to the new-normal we are facing, NK drug development in 2020 has been exceptional despite these challenges.

Clinical data from Katy Rezvani at MD Anderson boasted a 73% response rate and was the first allogeneic CAR-NK to enter the clinic. This new data shook the field and gave hope to the clinical potential of NK cell therapy. No longer is there doubt about whether NK cells are a viable therapeutic option. Now, it is all eyes on the innate field to take advantage of their capability to produce safe, commercially viable, allogeneic cell therapies to target solid tumors.


The Innate Killer Mission Statement

Patient care is at the heart of drug development, whether you are specialized in discovery or manufacture, the end goal is to provide effective, safe, and accessible treatment. To support you in meeting your goal, Innate Killer is dedicated to supporting the field’s efforts to better connect, understand and discover, together.


How Do We Help Improve Patient Care?

For the 6th year, the Innate Killer Summit provided a unique platform for pharma, biotech and leading academia to collaborate and learn. Showcasing innovation from bench to bedside, we addressed:  

  • NK cell interaction in the tumor microenvironment to tackle solid tumors
  • Novel manufacturing and expansion techniques
  • Improve the fundamental understanding of NK cells
  • Regulatory considerations for innate cell therapy manufacture

By staying ahead of the curve of ground-breaking innate research, Innate Killer is at the spearhead of improving patient care and supporting innate scientists in advancing their clinical development.

What is the Innate Killer Summit?

The Innate Killer Summit is the oldest and largest industry-focused innate immunity meeting concentrated on all aspects of innate therapeutic development. Our reputation for a unique combination of leading academics alongside industry trailblazers is unparalleled. Our meeting cultivates innovative collaborations and forward-thinking discussions amongst scientists and business experts, all committed to advancing innate cell therapies.

Join us today and become part of a community with one goal:
Improving Patient Care by Advancing Innate Understanding & Enhancing Innate Cell Therapies


The Innate Killer Summit in 2021 

Rising from the cell therapy revolution, investment into NK, gdT, and NKT cells has exploded. The race to market is now on as the field understand the true clinical potential of innate cells.

The Innate Killer Summit 2021 wass dedicated to advancing gene engineering, persistence, and scalable expansion of innate cell therapies to develop cost-effective allogeneic treatments for liquid and solid tumors.

With competitive biological benefits compared to T cell approaches, the Innate Killer Summit is here to help you to optimize your manufacturing and process development strategies to further reduce the cost of off-the-shelf NK therapies, to bring these treatments to front of line cancer therapy.

Over 200 of the field’s leading minds joined online in March, to share cutting-edge breakthroughs to further improve the efficacy of NK, gdT and NKT cell therapy for patients in need.

The Innate Killer Summit is the leading, dedicated end-to-end meeting accelerating genetically engineered, off-the-shelf and cost-effective innate cell immunotherapies for solid tumor indications to market.