About the Innate Killer Summit

Improving Patient Care by Advancing Innate Understanding & Enhancing Innate Cell Therapies

With autologous and T cell treatments demonstrating challenges with scalability, manufacturing and safety, the world now looks to the innate immune compartment to harness intrinsic solid tumor killing in allogeneic settings. With big clinical readouts and the first glimpse of efficacy data anticipated from giants like Affimed, Senti Bio, Sanofi, Takeda, and Century, this was the year to be present at the 8th Innate Killer Summit, to track progress, glimpse next-generation designs, and network with the ‘who’s who’ of the field as it prepares for prime time.

The 8th Innate Killer Summit was the ultimate forum to take advantage of massive group discounts and provide your entire team with unrivalled access to the industry movers and shakers spanning R&D to clinical translation and clinical scale manufacturing.

Insights were gained into the most pressing challenges in bringing innate therapies to patients, spanning:

  • Optimizing cryopreservation to rapidly scale out practical, clinically deliverable, highly efficacious innate cell therapies without compromizing metabolic health - University of Pennsylvania, Dana-Faber Cancer Institute
  • Contrasting cell sources to choose the best cell types, engineering strategies, and phenotypes for true off-the-shelf therapy - Karolinska Institutet, ImmunneBridge, Deverra Therapeutics
  • Explore novel engineering technologies and LNP delivery methods in the BRAND NEW engineering focus day, providing an end-to-end discovery through CMC & clinical development overview of the emerging technologies and opportunities for your pipeline - Exacis Biotherapeutics, Neukio Biotherapeutics, University of Wisconsin, Shoreline Biosciences, Nationwide Children's Hospital, ONK Therapeutics
  • Master memory formation with a deep-dive into memory phenotypes, mechanisms of action, and strategies to drive long-term memory formation to product persistent responses - InMune Bio, Dana-Faber Cancer Institute

...and SO much more! See the full 2023 agenda for full details of the entire 4-track, 3-day 8th Innate Killer Summit.

See What You Missed in La Jolla, San Diego!

Attendees left San Diego armed with innovative strategies to drive pipeline development, informed by 60+ leaders from the likes of Century Therapeutics, Senti Biosciences, Takeda, Glycostem, Adicet Bio, Appia Bio, Artiva Biotherapeutics, Affimed, NKarta, Sanofi, and more.

Over 250 of the field’s leading minds gathered to share cutting-edge breakthroughs to further improve the efficacy of NK, gdT and NKT cell therapy for patients in need. Will you be there in 2024...?

Previous Attendees Have Said:

"Specialty topic conference well worth considering for anyone interested in applying NK cells for therapy"
Catamaran Bio


"The level of attendees and presentations are very high. I enjoyed very much the presentations and networking with experts in the field"
Cytovia Therapeutics


"Exciting to see that the field is growing with quality work from all the players"
Fate Therapeutics


"Great showcase of industry and academic efforts to push NK cell therapies forward!"
Baylor College of Medicine