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Cell Tx Report

Manufacturing Challenges & Considerations for Allogeneic Cell Therapy

Hanson Wade Intelligence

Exclusive Speaker Interview: Nick Huntington

Speaker Interview

NAustin Bigley, VP R&D
Indapta Therapeutics


Kimberly Schluns, Senior Director Research
Kite: A Gilead Company

Innate Killer Magazine 2021

Discover exclusive insight provided by Beacon Targeted Therapies & 4 insightful interviews with:

  • Wei Li, CSO, Cytovia Therapeutics
  • Hans-Gustaf Ljunggren, Professor, Group Leader, Karolinska Institute
  • Kurt Gunter, CMO, Kuur Therapeutics
  • Silke Paust, Associate Professor, The Scripps Research Institute
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E-Book: Key Factors in Designing the Manufacturing Process
By: Cell & Gene

Innate Killer Magazine 2020


Discover exclusive insight provided by Beacon Targeted Therapies & 5 insightful interviews with: 

  • Jeffrey Miller, Professor, University of Minnesota
  • Emily Mace, Assistant Professor, Columbia University in the City of New York
  • Nick Huntington, CSO, oNKo-Innate Pty Ltd
  • Allen Feng, CSO, HebeCell Corp.
  • Yu-Kyeong Hwang, SVP & Head of Research & Development, Green Cross LabCell

Exclusive Speaker Interview: Nick Huntington

Nick Huntington, CSO

oNKo-Innate Pty Ltd


What do you feel is the biggest challenge with the development of cell therapies?

The complexity of dealing with a unique living product each time creates several logistical challenges, especially in the setting of autologous cell therapies. Thus, the challenge lies in standardizing and streamlining a cell therapy approach without compromising the efficacy.