Evren Alici

Evren Alici

Company: Karolinska Institutet

Job title: Head of Cell & Gene Therapy Group


Advancing Naked iPSC NK Platforms with Further Engineering to Abrogate the Need for Conditioning 12:00 pm

Sharing data to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of iPSC derived NKs Defining the mechanisms by which conditioning acts to inform engineering strategies Engineering iPSC-derived NK cells to abrogate the need for lymphodepletion and sharing data to demonstrate day 15 engraftmentRead more

day: Day Two Track B AM

Contrasting Donor Profiles & Sources to Select for the Best Starting Materials 12:30 pm

Considering the strengths and drawbacks of different cell populations to inform platform development Managing donor variability in CMC and quality control Discussing data on donor populations which correlates with clinical outcome to inform donor selection Discussing the role of donor screening to maximize success in CMCRead more

day: Day Two Track C AM

Panel Discussion: Contrasting Gene Editing Technologies vs. Vector Transduction to Synergize with Pipeline Features 2:30 pm

Comparing different viral vectors and their relative advantages and drawbacks in terms of safety, manufacturing application, and process changes Contrasting viral versus non-viral transduction and discussing where each can be best deployed Highlighting novel gene editing approaches that hold promise to the industryRead more

day: Day Two Track C PM

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