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5 Key Discussions You Need to Advance Your Pipeline Development:

  • Drive Next-Generation Gene Editing Techniques Spanning RNA, CRISPR, and iPSC Platforms with Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Editas Medicine & Neukio Biotherapeutics
  • Uncover Emerging Cell Types from iNKT to iPSC-Derived Macrophages with Shoreline Biosciences,
    Arovella Therapeutics & University of Southern California
  • Harness Persistence and Efficacy to Realize Lasting Therapeutic Response with University of Wisconsin, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute 
  • Realize the Clinical Applicability of Innate Therapies with Century Therapeutics, Celularity & CytoImmune Therapeutics
  • Scale Clinical to Commercial Development for Off-the-Shelf, Global Cell Therapy Access with MD Anderson Cancer Center, Glycostem