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Improving Patient Care by Advancing Innate Understanding &
Enhancing Innate Cell Therapies

200+ experts will be joining online in March 2021 to hear the unpublished clinical data and innovative manufacturing processes to accelerate the clinical and commercial development of innate cell therapies. Become part of the Innate Killer Community to discover how to target solid tumor indications with off-the-shelf innate cell therapies!

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What Will You Learn in 3 Days?

  • Take a scientific deep dive into the natural biology of NK cells covering trafficking, cytotoxicity and differentiation to provide you with the fundamental knowledge to design better NK cell therapies
  • Join with a team to divide and conquer the 3 tracks of dedicated content covering discovery, translation, and manufacture
  • Ask your questions to the FDA and ensure you are aware of the processes to follow to achieve IND approval
  • Stay ahead of the curve and educate yourself on the role of NK cells in COVID-19

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