Accelerate Your Innate Cell Immunotherapies for Solid Tumor Indications to Market 

Use Genetically Engineered, Off-the-Shelf and Cost-Effective Solutions to Optimize your Results and Get to Clinic Faster 


The 5th Innate Killer Summit is the leading industry meeting providing a platform for leaders in the NK, gdT and NKT fields to network, interact and learn. This 3-day meeting is the only end-to-end platform that fosters the transformation of leading science to life-changing commercial therapies. 

As the understanding of innate cells improves year on year, the challenges of producing effective cell therapies are top priorities to overcome. Manufacturing processes need to be streamlined and regulatory landscapes better understood. It is imperative that we come together as a community to exchange ideas and overcome the hurdles of getting the best immunotherapies to patients in need. 

In addition to accessing cutting-edge novel innovations and the latest clinical data, leave the Innate Killer Summit fully equipped to progress your cell therapy pipeline with actionable insights and a forward-looking plan for global manufacturing. 

Join world renowned academics and industry experts from all the key stakeholders to identify future approaches and deliver commercially viable off-the-shelf therapies. 



“Fantastic overview of the state of the art of the NK cell therapy field in particular, with great representation of the key players”


“The meeting was excellent. Fantastic presentations on the basic science as well as clinical experience.”


Intimate setting where scientists and clinicians can have focused discussions around NK cell biology and clinical translation.”

Fate Therapeutics

Learn from case studies on: 


    • Increasing Persistency and Specificity with CAR-NKs– novel clinical data outlining methods to redirect NK cell specificity and in vivo persistence 
    • Combination Therapies to Support and Enhance Immunotherapeutic Response – explore the use of targeted antibodies and cytokines to work alongside NK cells to improve their role in persistence and anti-tumor effects 
    • Off-the-Shelf Allogeneic Therapies to Improve Accessibility of Treatment– utilize the capability of administering NK therapies as an “Off-the-Shelf” living drug 
    • Identifying Strategies to Improve Efficacy in Solid Tumor Trials – examine the strategies allowing NK cells to cross barriers into solid tumors and overcome strong immunosuppressive environments 
    • Regulatory Outline to Ensure Safety and Efficacy in NK Clinical Trials– identify the regulatory framework and procedures that surround NK research areas to ensure smooth navigation of the regulatory pathway