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Spearheading Safe, Potent, & Scalable Innate Immune Therapies Spanning NK, iNKT, Gamma Delta, & Macrophages.
Realize Lasting Clinical Response with Next-Generation Engineering to Provide Off-the-Shelf Delivery for More Patients, Globally.

Driving Clinical Results with Allogeneic & Solid Tumor Innate Therapies

Dedicated to driving cost-effective, efficacious, safe, durable, scalable, and globally accessible allogeneic, cell-based, and engager therapies, the 8th Innate Killer Summit returned to cement your end-to-end education in innate immune therapeutics. Your industry-defining Innate Killer Summit bought crucial insights for everyone on your team, spanning preclinical development, clinical translation, CMC, process development, and clinical scale manufacturing, this was the definitive meeting to drive concept to commercial success of emerging innate immune therapies.

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Join over 250 experts from 120+ pioneering companies to drive novel gene engineering technologies, gain regulatory know-how, optimize lymphodepletion and cryopreservation, and contrast cell sources for highly efficacious, scalable off-the-shelf therapies.

Promising brand-new speakers from new companies, interactive discussion, and engaging networking opportunities join the 8th Innate Killer Summit to forge new collaborations and realize the clinical potential of innate immune therapies.

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2023 Speakers Included:

Robert Hollingsworth

Chief Scientific Officer

Shoreline Biosciences

Neil Sheppard

Adjunct Associate Professor ,Director & Head of T Cell Engineering Laboratory Research Technologies & Innovation

University of Pennsylvania

Mark Lowdell

Chief Scientific & Manufacturing Officer

InMune Bio

Richard Wang


Neukio Biotherapeutic

Christina Coughlin

Chief Executive Officer

CytoImmune Therapeutics

Sasha Lazetic

Director Research & Development Platform Antibody Dev

Nkarta Therapeutics

Jeffrey Miller

Professor - Medicine Division Hematology & Transplantation Oncology

University of Minnesota

Jason Litten

Chief Medical Officer

Chimeric Therapeutics

Evren Alici

Associate Professor, Co-Director

Karolinska Institutet

Terry Cook

Senior Director - Early Clinical Development

Century Therapeutics

Peter Flynn

Cofounder & Strategic Advisor

Artiva Biotherapeutics, Inc

Arndt Schottelius

Chief Scientific Officer


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2023 Highlights Included:

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